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Lab Analyzer Options that Target Your Patient Mix

We carry a full array of high-quality laboratory analyzers optimized to fulfill the medical testing needs of your organization. Our lines include; hematology analyzers, chemistry analyzers, ELISA analyzers, electrolyte analyzers, urine analyzers and coagulation analyzers. Tapping international manufacturing opportunities we are able to program and implement the most economical system solutions to fit your practice needs, leading to improved patient care and enhanced revenue.

Reagents Vetted for Your Testing Needs

Emphasizing the need for the most precise testing for patient evaluation, HTI Diagnostic’s reagents have been researched and analyzed to insure that we offer you the tools for the most cost-effective and precise testing protocols. We specifically design solutions to meet the needs of the unique patient mix for your specialty. Reagent options are selected for testing specificity, reliability and sensitivity. Thanks to HTI’s ordering volumes and vital vendor partnerships, reagents are available with aggressively discounted pricing.

Cost-Effective Lab Supply Options for Your Faciltiy

(…). As a single-source distributor for lab supplies we carry a broad range of laboratory products. We distribute the highest-quality, best-value items to meet the demanding needs of your medical environment. With an emphasis toward matching cost-effective product options for your practice, HTI Diagnostics is committed to providing you the best customer service to ensure you’re equipped to offer maximized care. We are constantly searching, evaluating and specifying “gold-standard” lab supplies from around (…).

Ultrasound Solutions for Your Organization

In-office ultrasound allows you to offer your patients immediate point-of-care evaluation. With options for custom configurations we will evaluate and coordinate the implementation of a system that is clinically adapted to meet the needs of your specialty. By representing a variety of equipment lines HTI Medical has the maximum flexibility to match the specialized needs of your practice.


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